Some Little Known Facts About Olympic Games Medals

Although the Olympic Games take place every four years it is an event which millions of people across the globe like to get involved in. Thousands of athletes from all different sports around the globe compete in the various events in the hope that they can be presented with of the coveted medals of The Olympics.

The next games are going to be taking place in 2012 and will be held in London. As well as offering the city a huge challenge to host such an event they must ensure that everything that is need is ready on time so that everything runs smoothly. But being the host of this particular event allows the city to showcase what it has to offer to its many visitors.

Although the most important part for any competitor who competes in The Olympics is the taking part many still very proud when they win the gold medal. As do many feel this when they have been presented with the silver or bronze medal at the award ceremonies. In this article we offer a few facts regarding the medals that are regularly awarded to competitors at The Olympics.

1. From 1928 every medal presented to those who have been awarded one have the same design on the front. The design incorporates a number of different images including the Olympic Rings, a Greek Goddess, the Ancient Coliseum of Athens, an Amphora (Greek vase), a horse drawn chariot, the year and the name of the host city where The Olympics are taking place. Plus they also include what number Olympiad it is and for London in 2012 this will be the 30th one.

2. As well as the images mentioned above on the front of the medals to be presented to those who come first, second or third the host city is able to include other details on the front. As for the rear of the medals the host city can decide what design is placed on the back. For example when the games were held in 1996 in Atlanta City their committee chose to have their logo on the back as well as an image of the event for which the medal was being awarded. Custom Pendant

3. When the ancient Olympic Games took place those competing in the events were not actually presented with any medals. Instead the winner of any particular event was presented with an Olive Wreath which they wore on their heads. As for those that came second or third they were presented with nothing. Custom Championship Ring

4. During the first Modern Olympic Games held in 1896 the medals presented to the winners of the events were presented with medals made from silver rather than gold. This was because that the time gold was considered to be a much more inferior metal to silver. However, when the games took place in St Louis, USA in 1904 this had all changed and the winners of each even where presented with medals now made from Gold. Fantasy Football Rings

5. The medals presented at The Olympics today each measure 7cms (approximately 2 inches) in diameter. Although the gold medals presented to the winners may look gold they are in fact made using sterling silver and are then covered using a thin layer of pure gold. The amount of gold used to cover each of the medals awarded to winners of each event in The Olympics is around .21 ounces or 6 grams.

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