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I have to admit, I’d addicted to my cell phone. I depend on it for a number of business and personal things such as: making phone calls, accessing my email, writing emails, keeping track of appointments, using it as an alarm clock-and most importantly for playing “Angry Birds”. (just kidding)

I’ve had my HTC Incredible Android Based OS Phone for about a year now, and I totally heart it. There’s just so much that you can do with it and a ton of applications that can be downloaded from the Android market that can be used for business related tasks. live net tv

One of my personal favorite apps that I use on my phone to connect to the internet from my laptop PC is PDANet by June Fabrics. This neat little tool allows you to surf the Internet -via your android phone (No, I’m not kidding). Best of all, you only have to pay a one-time fee to use the program. Simply download the application to your Android phone and install it onto your pc, plug in your USB cable (one end from the phone the other to your PC) and Voila…you’re connected to the Internet. PDANet is perfect for the traveling business person-or whoever needs to have access to the internet when there is no connection available.

Since I’m such a nice person, I decided to spread the love by sharing 10 of the Best Android Apps that can be used for Business with you.

#10. Weatherbug – Stay up to date with the latest weather conditions locally or wherever you are planning to travel to for business

#9. WordPress – Keep your blog or Website updated with this nifty tool

#8. Expenser – Can be used to stay on top of your business expenses and budget

#7. Find My Car – Trouble finding your car after parking at a biz conference? This app will help you find your way

#6. Tweetdeck – Integrate all of your social networking media using this App; Post status updates and other information using a single dashboard

#5. Skype Mobile – Stay in touch with friends, business colleagues, employees and others with this mobile video and voice app

#4. Drop Box – Great app for editing, sharing or viewing business documents and other files anywhere and anytime you need them

#3. Google Maps Navigation – Have an appointment scheduled with a client and need directions? Google Maps to the rescue…. Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance, turn by turn directions and more. What’s even more awesome about this application is that after you arrive at your destination it will be shown in Google Street View.

#2. Google Voice – Perfect App for business owners wanting to keep track of phone calls efficiently and with the use of one number..instead of multiple phones

#1. PDANet – I cannot begin to tell you how useful PDANet is…especially for a small business user on the go. The PdaNet Android Tethering app is Awesome! With this app you can take advantage of 3G or Wifi Internet connection speeds to power your PC.

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