Wake Up, Parents! What About Your Child’s Worldview?

Parents underestimate dangers on the Internet. Everyone is aware of cyber bullying and chat room predators, but unfortunately dangers posed by the Internet go way beyond “stranger-danger”. Many believe that if a child is not socialising online he is OK to use the Internet on his own, providing that his computer is in a visible place. So you just go about your household chores, while your child plays some games. You are there to watch him, but at the same time you are not really watching.

Internet is uncontrollable medium, it is impossible to predict what is laid behind every text link or image. Very often gross, violent or sexually explicit content is just a click away!

This is a typical confession-story we hear every day: I have a 9 y.o. boy and I know for sure that he does not chat online, neither does he use email or social network sites, and therefore I assumed that he was relatively safe online, especially considering the fact that his computer is in a visible place in our lounge room. I am a responsible parent and know how Internet works so I was positive that my son is well looked after in that regard, but one evening I caught him playing some absolutely ridiculous game with topless women, violent fights and disgusting swearing with 2 pop-up windows running on the background prompting software downloads. I was in the laundry for about 10-15 minutes, so it did not take him long to wonder away!

Unfortunately there are a lot of parents out there who have the same false sense of security. Don’t kid yourself about being in control because you are not! Curious Worldview

Kids are good at sneaking around, they are curious and as soon as they get the idea of Google they stop at nothing to satisfy their curiosity! It does not take long to have an extra window or tab open and as soon as you stop washing the dishes or loading washing machine he simply closes the window. What kids like to see at this age? Well, usually it is gross, violent games, comics intended for adult audience, horror clips on YouTube or movie review sites. And please do not forget the fact that kids react to banner ads and sponsored links. Children always click on animated ads, because these ads are specifically designed to attract visitors and kids are the easiest targets!

So, parents, wake up! You must have Internet Filtering software enabled when your child uses Internet. At least this way you know that while you turned to dry the dishes, he is not running search for some shocking keywords. It is your responsibility to protect your children, guard their worldview and limit their time online!.

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